Martinez, MichelleMichelle
My ring is absolutely beautiful! I was speechless when I first saw it and said, “oh it’s perfect! Wow. Thank you for making the claw prongs delicate and non-spider/fang-like. I’m very happy with it. Jeffrey said you want to see it on my hand, Fuzzy! Thank you again!!

Mike and Fuzzy, My pear half-eternity ring is beyond perfect. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I could not be more pleased.  I love everything about the size and design, and how it looks by itself, as well as next to my engagement ring.  Thank you for working with me on it, and creating such an exquisite ring.  I’m SO happy with it!

Thank you, ♥Michelle

Web_ACS4572Tiffany & Charlie
Charles and Tiffany met in the Spring of 2008 while attending the University of California, Santa Cruz.  The two shared a mutual love for the outdoors and an eclectic taste in music. Naturally, they decided to do the world a favor and combine forces, blossoming their love and enthusiasm for each other each day. Six years later the wedding bells are ringing. Get ready universe, good vibes are coming your way. Tiffany admired Michael’s work for for several years and is thrilled with the gorgeous wedding set he created just for her. Thanks to Charlie too!

Photo by Andrew Simoni (www.lookdontspeak.com)

My fiance has been getting compliments on her ring non-stop from strangers and co-workers alike. And you know her friends be jelly. Fuzzy helped me find the perfect engagement ring setting and Mike hooked me up with a top-notch rock (sparkly like you never seen).!

 Thanks to Fuzzy & Mike, I swept my lady right off her feet. So, now I’m the boss and I’ve got that beautiful girl locked in 4 life! 

I will be going back to Treasures for my wedding bands and I will refer everyone I know there because Treasures is the type of small business that I can support. Good people!

photo-3Carly & Tim
Mike designed and created a gorgeous platinum wedding set for us. He gained inspiration by learning about the groom’s modern taste combined with the bride’s vintage style to create an engagement ring more suited to us than we ever could have imagined. Absolutely gorgeous!

kudos4Colin & Chey
Once upon a time, Colin volunteered in an archery shop. One day he saw the shop keeper making a set of hunting arrows with black feathers. When questioned about who the arrows were for, the shop keeper replied: “Some weird chick.” Collin one day met the weird chick, whose name was Chey, and after some mountain biking adventures and archery shoots, realized they had become best friends. It is not often you meet someone and you think: “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life… I never want to be without you.” But when you do think that, it is important to never let that person go. Colin and Chey knew they wanted to get married, and Colin asked her what she would like in a ring. Chey replied: “Diamonds are so cliche. I like black stones.” Chey also loved the song Black Sun by E Nomine, and when she and Collin saw a black star sapphire for the first time, they knew that was the perfect match. The wonderful jeweler at Treasures Fine Jewelry created a one of a kind wedding ring for Chey, and now she has her very own black sun.

Wedding photo by OscarC Photography

Kudos05Liz & Susie

I want to thank you again so very much for the superb job you did on replicating my father’s ring! I am so happy and proud to own such a masterpiece. It will become a family heirloom.
Thank you!!!!!

I did not mean for this much time to pass before I thanked you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my family history to life. You are a true genius and have made all of us extremely happy. Thank you so much and hope not too much time passes before our paths cross. All the very best to your family. Susie


I must tell you that this piece of jewelry gets lots of attention all the time. When I tell people what it is, they think it is great. Each time a new child is born I add their initial to my necklace. Michael started with one letter more than ten years ago. One story is that my grandson Andrew likes to put the ZNB to the back of my neck so that he is the only one represented. I think a cute form of jealousy. But now he has to share with his new brother Jayden! All of them have played with my necklace as they know it represents them.

I do love my five boys!

Zayante Firefighters Association

To our generous donor,
Zayante Firefighters Association would like to extend our warmest and most heartfelt thank you for your generous donation. It is community support like yours that helped our 39th Annual Fathers Day Pancake breakfast come together on June 17, 2018. The money generated from the Silent Auction and raffle goes towards helping support the firefighters througout the year.

Peter Schierling
Fire Fighters Association President

Fallen Officer Foundation

Attended a fabulous fund raiser party February 2019 for this organization.

Hospice of Santa Cruz County

One of our favorite charities.